Lemon Blackberry Poppyseed Muffins

It’s been the longest time since I last posted — work keeps me busy, and by the time I get home, I’m toast.  But I’m cooking like crazy.  At work, twice a year, we make brunch for the entire staff — and my last brunch of the year was last Friday.  I’m not an egg […]

Pasta with Slow Roasted Tomatoes, Garlic Confit and Summer Corn

Taste of Summer   Every time I turn on the radio or television in the past several days, someone is talking about the end of summer.  When the heck did summer end in August?  Don’t we get until at least the third week in September?  So, I started feeling nervous — tomatoes are about the […]

Currently Obsessed with . . .

Absurdly Addictive Asparagus Dreaming of spring asparagus! The Lunchbox  One of my very favorite movies My New Lunchbox Makes me wanna pack my lunch Charles Viancin Silicon Lids  LUVVVV these!!! Thanks, Marron! Lodge 10″ Cast Iron Skillet  This skillet has transformed my “browning!” Amora Mustard   The only mustard I use for vinaigrettes.  Susan hooked me years ago. […]

Savory Spice Shop

I tend not to recommend restaurants or shops on Cafe Barber, but I absolutely HAVE to give a rave review for the Savory Spice Shop in the Whole Foods shopping center in Sonoma (there’s one in Santa Rosa, too)!  I’m embarrassed to admit that I think I was there at least 5 times in the […]

S’More Pops

Simple, easy, fun, and cheap to make! Ingredients: 1 bag large marshmallows 1 package semi-sweet chocolate chips, or dress these up with fancier chocolate like Scharffenberger or Valhrona. 1 package graham crackers (honey grahams, plain or cinnamon). Use around 9 of the graham crackers, or buy graham cracker crumbs. lollipop sticks (available at Michael’s Craft […]