Mexican Chopped Salad with Creamy Cilantro Dressing

Summer is salad season for me.  And summer has been nosing around northern California this past week with temperatures rising into the low 90’s the past couple of days.  There’s no way I want to turn the stove on during these beautiful evenings, so I’ve been eating so many salads, my skin is taking on […]

Cherry Tomato Confit over Fresh Herbed Ricotta

I made dinner for some friends last night, and because I’m a fanatical convert to delicious homemade ricotta, I’m always looking for a way to add it to a meal.  And this is it — easy to make with all those end of summer tomatoes, and truthfully–we wanted to just eat this with a yummy […]


I’ve been a popsicle making fool this summer — lots of fruity ones, a few boozy ones, and now, here’s a delicious chocolate-y one. Ingredients 8 ounces chocolate,  between 45% and 65% cacao So let’s talk chocolate for a minute.  Spring for some good stuff.  The first time I made these I just used bittersweet […]

Summer Strawberry Lime “Spa” Water

I don’t really go to spas, so I have no idea if something like this would be served at something like that.  But this is pretty, refreshing, easy to make and it has no calories . . . plus, once you’ve served the first “tank” of water, you can refill it and the fruit keeps […]

Las Paletas

My new summer obsession.  More photos this evening as I’m limping out to pick up my mom to scout art galleries.  I’m channeling my inner Mexican here with my new popsicle/paleta mold that works perfectly. My first batch were strawberry for Addie, but when she wasn’t able to get to Sonoma, I was only able […]

Watermelon and Avocado Salad with Spicy Lime Dressing

Duh-Freaking-Licious!! I know, I say this about everything I make, and in truth I don’t post the disaster recipes like the Bacon Bourbon Chicken that caused a major fire in my barbecue the day after I made it. This recipe IS an end (or beginning) of summer super yummy salad. Serve it icy cold and […]

Shaved Zucchini Salad with Feta and Sunflower Seeds

Mary made a version of this for me last week, and it was so good! I’m not a zucchini fan unless it’s raw, and this turned out to be a perfect summer salad. The version Mary made had the same lemon and olive oil dressing, but it also had pinenuts, Parmesan and basil. This is […]

Summer Pasta with Tomatoes, Parsley and Garlic

This perfect taste of summer is ready in the time it takes to cook pasta al dente. I would like to say that you should ONLY make this when summer tomatoes are ripe, but the reality is that I’ve made this with Trader Joe’s little tomatoes quite a few times in the winter when I’m […]