Tagliatelle with Walnuts and Lemon

If Yotam Ottolenghi was my personal chef, I could be vegetarian full-time.  The recipes in his new book Plenty More are dazzling in their riot of colors, and immensely satisfying without being chef-fy fussy.  This recipe took about 20 to 25 minutes from start to table.  Lemon tamed by a little cream completes a silky sage-y sauce […]

Diane’s Vietnamese Fried Chicken

 Love at first bite!  Super duper fingerlicking GREAT!  EASY to make — light and crunchy outside and flavorful and moist on the inside. Sweet, sour, salty and spicy–all the flavors of Vietnam. One of my favorite blogs of the past two or three years is White on Rice (whiteonrice.com) by Diane Cu and Todd Porter, professional […]

Moroccan Chicken, Preserved Lemons and Olives

My last day of cooking in Mark and Tony’s great kitchen in Sonoma, so I wanted to showcase some spices from The Savory Spice Shop–Tan-Tan Moroccan Seasoning, Saffron and Preserved Lemons.  And I’m off to do a little chopatta, so I can get this in the oven.   SERVES 4–6 INGREDIENTS 1 tbsp. kosher salt, […]

Seared Scallops with Pea Puree and Pancetta

Easy, elegant, and lush tasting. Okay – before you say “No!” This is a SUPER easy and fast recipe.  The pea puree takes 5 minutes.  The pancetta takes about the same and all you have to do is put it in the oven.  The gremolata is just a quick chop — 2  minutes max?  And […]

Holy Mother of Soy Garlic Wings!

Bon Chon is a Korean restaurant in Sunnyvale, CA,  and my former Mecca for the most delicious Korean fried chicken wings I have ever had.  Two or three times a year, I’d make my pilgrimage there for a box of six soy garlic wings with white rice.  I hardly ever left the parking lot without […]

Asparagus, Lemon and Walnut Pasta

I think this took just 15 minutes altogether–and I was good.  I didn’t include bacon or pancetta . . . but it would have been so easy to do!  The creamy (no cream, no butter) asparagus sauce made this taste like thousands of calories.  Five stars!   8 ounces dried spaghetti (or pasta of your choice) […]

Mark’s Moussaka

If you HAVE to have surgery, coming up to Lovall Valley is a pretty amazing way to sit through the first few days of recovery, and it includes the perk of having Mark and Tony cook for you!  Last night Mark made this delicious moussaka, Tony made an orange pound cake with two glazes, and […]

Finding Religion Grilled Ribeye, Adam Perry Lang

I wrote recently about Charred and Scruffed, one of my very very favorite cookbooks by Adam Perry Lang — remember?  Okay, so don’t be scared, and you’re GONNA be scared when you look at the recipe below because it looks so long — but this is the steak version of Judy Rodger’s Zuni Chicken — […]

Slanted Door Shaking Beef

Ever since Mary and I took a Vietnamese cooking class in Portland years ago, I’ve loved Vietnamese food.  Pho Van in the Pearl District was one of my favorite restaurants when I lived in Oregon, and since moving to California,  I love eating at the Slanted Door.  I don’t get to go as often as […]

Rye’s Red Chili

I made this twice last week (actually kind of three times) — once for my book club and three more times for a staff lunch because I had to triple the recipe.  It got great reviews all the way round.  The only problem I had was trying to understand how you can feed 10 people […]