Couscous Salad with Cucumber and Tomatoes

My favorite summer salad! Be sure to use Israeli or pearled couscous — it’s the bigger and tastier version of the conventional kind.  Cool and refreshing! INGREDIENTS ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil 1 cup Israeli couscous (pearled couscous) 6 to 8 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, to taste (I usually split the lemon juice with white wine vinegar — 3 tablespoons […]

Currently Obsessed with . . .

Taco-chella!  I think it’s time for a taco party!! La Vic’s Legendary Orange Sauce   La Victoria is a taqueria in San Jose, and while I’m not super in love with their tacos, and am ADDICTED to their legendary orange sauce.  No tacos are allowed in my house without this sauce!!! Guajillo Shortrib Tacos It’s not […]

The LEGENDARY La Vic Orange Sauce

There are three La Victoria taquerias in San Jose — I’m not completely in love with their tacos as my favorite taqueria is around the corner from my house.  But this . . . .this delectable orange sauce . . .  kicks boring to the curb!!!   I have been known to put it on […]

The Milk Bar Chocolate Chip Cookies

I read.  A lot.  And I read almost everyday about travel though my traveling days are mostly over.  And I read cookbooks like novels.  I also love to read about restaurants, and because I don’t travel these days, I make recipes FROM restaurants and that makes me feel like I’ve been TO those restaurants. Two […]

Tacolicious Guajillo Shortrib Tacos

Tacolicious Campbell.  That’s at my house these days.   These tacos and an Achiote Chicken have been my breakfast and dinner for several days.    Who could ask for anything more? Tacolicious is one of my favorite restaurants in SF — and sure, it’s easier to sit outside on Chestnut Street, sipping a beer and […]