Currently Obsessed with . . .

Honey Bourbon Chicken Wings   Saving for the final football game of the season. Not Your Usual Lemon Bars  Now, where are my lemons? Spicy Jalapeño Bacon Puff Pastry Twists  Well, why not? Mini Cocottes  I see these in my very near future. Ginger Citrus Soba  Lunch tomorrow Sriracha Cheez-its  Gah!!!! Tangerine Poppyseed Scones  Heading to the […]

My New Favorite Roast Chicken

Move over Zuni — there’s a new chicken in town, and it might just trump your own amazing one.  Deliciously Greek-y yet somewhat Zuni-y at the same time.  I might just add those Zuni croutons when I make this again because I AM going to make this again . . . soon.  You’re gonna wanna […]

Chicken Chilaquiles

My colleague and friend, Hector, is an amazing cook.  He makes awesome salsas with complex flavors, tacos de papas, tacos de anything at all and the best chilaquiles I’ve ever had. The past couple of summers he and his wife, Belen, and Marron and Stanley have come up to Mark and Tony’s home in Sonoma, […]

Currently Obsessed with . . .

What I’ve been cooking lately. Lentil Salad with Roasted Vegies.  Lunch last week. Chilaquiles  20 minute dinner on Friday. Thomas Keller Butternut Soup.  Worth it! Last Sunday. Junk in Da’ Trunk Cookies.  BIG hit at School.  Thursday night. Take Out Style Sesame Noodles.  Fast and delish.  Monday. Bacon Roasted Roots with Rosemary Honey.  Saturday. That […]