Sriracha Popcorn with Peanuts

Don’t be afraid. We’re in this together. Oh good grief!  Unscrunch your nose and hear me out.  Eighteen months ago, I was afraid of sriracha too– and now . . . and now I comb recipes looking for places I can use it.   Come over to the dark side.   Honey, it’ll make you […]

Brined and Roasted Rosemary Chile Almonds

Sweet and spicy crispianity! My addiction to nuts dates back a zillion years  to Sundays in Evreux, France.  I somehow got a job at age 12 playing the organ at the chapel at Evreux-Fauville Air Force Base.  Father Driscoll must have been desperate.  My mom would drop me off for the early mass, give me […]

Currently Obsessed with . . .

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Chile de Arbol Salsa

I completely love the little taqueria, Los Pericos,  near my house.  Once every couple of weeks, I find myself there for their crispy carnitas tacos AND their zesty, lip-smacking salsa.  This is the closest I can get to it in my own kitchen (might I say IDENTICAL!!) — I can eat this all day long! About […]

Pasta al Limone

A delicious 10 minute after work dinner. The problem with lemony dishes like this is that the tartness and sometimes bitterness of the lemons can spoil what should be a yummy meal. The amount of pasta water, olive oil and cream pulls the ph level of the acidity way down to make a truly wonderful […]