I’ve been a popsicle making fool this summer — lots of fruity ones, a few boozy ones, and now, here’s a delicious chocolate-y one. Ingredients 8 ounces chocolate,  between 45% and 65% cacao So let’s talk chocolate for a minute.  Spring for some good stuff.  The first time I made these I just used bittersweet […]

Summer Strawberry Lime “Spa” Water

I don’t really go to spas, so I have no idea if something like this would be served at something like that.  But this is pretty, refreshing, easy to make and it has no calories . . . plus, once you’ve served the first “tank” of water, you can refill it and the fruit keeps […]

Moroccan Chicken, Preserved Lemons and Olives

My last day of cooking in Mark and Tony’s great kitchen in Sonoma, so I wanted to showcase some spices from The Savory Spice Shop–Tan-Tan Moroccan Seasoning, Saffron and Preserved Lemons.  And I’m off to do a little chopatta, so I can get this in the oven.   SERVES 4–6 INGREDIENTS 1 tbsp. kosher salt, […]

Savory Spice Shop

I tend not to recommend restaurants or shops on Cafe Barber, but I absolutely HAVE to give a rave review for the Savory Spice Shop in the Whole Foods shopping center in Sonoma (there’s one in Santa Rosa, too)!  I’m embarrassed to admit that I think I was there at least 5 times in the […]