Las Paletas

My new summer obsession.  More photos this evening as I’m limping out to pick up my mom to scout art galleries.  I’m channeling my inner Mexican here with my new popsicle/paleta mold that works perfectly.


My first batch were strawberry for Addie, but when she wasn’t able to get to Sonoma, I was only able to get my friends’ seal of approval.   Then I ventured out to the dark side and made watermelon mint, pina colada, and mango with Peruvian chile lime powder that I bought at that awesome spice store in Sonoma.  I have to do a post JUST on that.


These are incredibly easy to make!  All you need is a blender or food processor, fruit, and simple syrup.  I used a mold, but you can use paper cups just as easily.

I pretty much just eyeballed the mixtures, but I’ll write some vague directions when I get home tonight.

Strawberry Paletas

Into a blender or food processor place:

3 cups fresh strawberries (but I’m sure frozen will work too), washed and hulled
1 tablespoon lemon juice
*Simple syrup* to taste cuz it depends on the sweetness of the berries.  I think I probably put in about 2 tablespoons in this batch.  You can make your own simple syrup easily — 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water — heat until sugar is dissolved and allow to cool.  Seriously, it takes about 2 minutes.

I also added about 3 to 4 tablespoons of water to make the mixture a little pourable.

Whirl this in your machine of choice, then pour into the molds, place the popsicle sticks in, and freeze for about four hours.  Then eat them up — SO much better than Dreyer’s fruit bars!



Directions:  Peel 8 Kiwi.  Cut a thin slice for each paleta/popsicle and slide it down to the bottom of each mold and push it against the side.  Put the rest of the fruit into a food processor or blender.  Add simple syrup to taste and a little water to make the mixture pourable.  Let the machine do its business, and then pour the fruit mixture into the popsicle mold.  Freeze for four hours.


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