Finding Religion Grilled Ribeye, Adam Perry Lang

I wrote recently about Charred and Scruffed, one of my very very favorite cookbooks by Adam Perry Lang — remember?  Okay, so don’t be scared, and you’re GONNA be scared when you look at the recipe below because it looks so long — but this is the steak version of Judy Rodger’s Zuni Chicken — […]

Slanted Door Shaking Beef

Ever since Mary and I took a Vietnamese cooking class in Portland years ago, I’ve loved Vietnamese food.  Pho Van in the Pearl District was one of my favorite restaurants when I lived in Oregon, and since moving to California,  I love eating at the Slanted Door.  I don’t get to go as often as […]

Rye’s Red Chili

I made this twice last week (actually kind of three times) — once for my book club and three more times for a staff lunch because I had to triple the recipe.  It got great reviews all the way round.  The only problem I had was trying to understand how you can feed 10 people […]

Four Seasons Blend

Do you barbecue? Do you have Charred and Scruffed,  by Adam Lang — one of my top three cookbooks ever?  You don’t?  THEN YOU DON’T BARBECUE!  You just don’t! This book is a BIBLE — yes it is.  And I don’t dare approach the grill without having prayed with Adam Lang for a while.  I […]

Barefoot Contessa Chicken Stock

It’s a seriously delicious chicken stock and worth the minimal effort. I’m just one person at home, and this is a huge recipe, so I made two thirds of it and have the right amount of chicken stock to take me through 3 months. The hard part is just letting it simmer for a long […]

Secret Ingredient Seasoning Salt

It’s really not a secret, but this is one of the two seasoning blends I use when I cook.  I make a batch up every couple of months, after a Penzey’s run, and let it fly. 1/2 cup each:  • kosher salt • ground black pepper • onion powder • garlic powder 1/4 cup each: […]