Trisha’s Christmas Cinnamon Stars

1 3/4c. sifted flour                     pinch of salt
1 c. walnuts, finely ground         1 c. almonds, blanched, finely ground
2 large egg yolks                       2 T. rum (or orange juice)
¾ c. unsalted butter, softened   ¾ c. sugar
1/8 t. allspice                            1 ¼ c. powdered sugar
3 t. cinnamon                           1/3 c. flour, plus 2 T. sugar
¼ t. mace, ground                    1 ½ T. lemon zest, minced

1. Cream the butter in a large bowl until light.  Gradually add the sugar, beating until the mixture is light and fluffy.  Beat in the zest, cinnamon, mace, allspice, salt and egg yolks.  Using a rubber spatula, fold in the nuts and flour.  Briefly knead to form a smooth dough. Shape into a ball, flatten slightly, wrap in wax paper; refrigerate overnight.

2. The dough will still be sticky, so cover a board with wax paper or parchment and sprinkle it and a rolling pin with the flour/sugar mixture.

3. Divide the dough into 3 parts and roll the first one to 1/8” thickness.  Cut out with star or other cookie cutters.  Reroll the trimmings with the second part of dough and proceed to cut and roll until all dough is used up.

4. Using a thin spatula, carefully move the cookies to ungreased baking sheets covered with kitchen parchment.  Bake at 350° until the cookies turn light brown at edges, 8 to 10 minutes, then carefully remove to racks.

5. Mix the powdered sugar with the rum, adding enough water to make the mixture a spreadable consistency.  Glaze cookies while they are still warm.  Sprinkle with colored sugar if desired.

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